Website: Zachary Foster, Nik Grunwald, Meg Larsen, and Val Fieland.

Rps10 database: Frank Martin, Val Fieland, Nik Grunwald, Hai Nguyen, Treena Burgess

Rps10 barcode primer design and validation: Felipe Albornoz, Zachary Foster, Val Fieland, Meg Larsen, Nik Grunwald, Frank Martin


We appreciate the support of Chris Sullivan and the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB) at Oregon State University for help getting this website online.


OomyceteDB was supported in part by NSF (1542681) and USDA ARS (2072-22000-041-00-D, 2038-22000-016-00-D).


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How this site is made

This site is a combination of static R Markdown content and dynamic R Shiny applications. The source code for the website can be found here:

To set up a similar site, you will need a web server like Apache and an instance of the R Shiny Server running. We store and manage the raw data on Google Drive for convenience. BLAST also needs to be installed.